Elevating Security Design with Amber Lindholm

Our Cisco Secure design practice seeks to lead the charge on designing in the security space. Fueled by the desire to attract the top talent and share our design practice and thought leadership, we are launching security.design.

Leading the way 

Keeping people safe and making things easy – these two ideas are often at odds with one another in cybersecurity. This tension is why a human-centered approach and focus on the user experience is so critical in the security domain. When we get things right, when security is both easy and effective — that's where the magic happens. 

Our Cisco Secure design practice leads the way in designing in the security space. I'm excited to announce that we now have a place to share our magic with the world, here at security.design

This site will host articles that share perspectives on the humanity in cybersecurity and give visibility to our craft and excellence in the space, as well as showcase how we are cultivating design culture across Cisco Secure.  

A worthy challenge 

As a designer and researcher who has worked across many domains and industries, I have constantly looked for places to infuse human-centered thinking and make an impact on people’s lives. In the security space, I have found a worthy challenge of global importance. 

We seek to frustrate attackers, not the people trying to get their daily jobs done. We become a trusted advisor to the security operations and IT administrators who work diligently to protect their organizations. We help people feel safe and confident, not scared and confused. 

As our world connects and thrives ever more through digital networks, we have a real mission to keep that world protected and resilient. 

Elevating design 

At Cisco Secure, empathy for our users and customers is at the core of all we do. This principle is deeply rooted in our team’s advocacy for user understanding. To remain steadfast to this fundamental tenet of our practice, we focus on elevating our design team and continuing to grow our expertise and capabilities.  

Our design practice seeks out the curious and the brave — product designers, researchers, content designers, operations specialists, and design engineers — who are ready to make an impact by crafting easy and effective security experiences. 

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