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Inspired Security Design Research: Q&A with Lillian Li

Duo Security Design Researcher Lillian Li shares how collaboration with colleagues has inspired new techniques for gathering user insights, shaping stories to communicate findings, and challenging herself to do her best work. 

“The culture of Duo's research team is one that not only allows but encourages researchers to incorporate their unique strengths and preferences into traditional research methods, as well as how we share the results of that research,” says Lillian Li. “I've sat in on interviews run by different team members and have been amazed by the varying approaches.”

In her Q&A with Built In Austin, Lillian talks about a few team members who have especially inspired her own work, including:

  • Design Research Manager Cheryl Icban and Lead Product Designer Andrea Neuhoff, who created the idea of the “Policy Nacho” to explain the mental model that users and Duo employees possess around how policy works.

  • Senior Design Researcher Kaush Ganesh, who frequently shares testimonials from participants of her Accessibility Research program to show both the learnings and the value of the program.

  • Lead Design Researcher Mark Thompson-Kolar, who collaborated with Lillian to conduct a double-pronged interview approach for collecting subject matter expert insights for a new user persona. 

Read more of Lillian’s insights in her full conversation with journalist Hilary George-Parkin over on the Built In Austin blog.